About Us

Mission Statement
      Yoga Well is the heart of a unique, effervescent community of yogis and healing practitioners. Founded on the Himalayan tradition of yoga and meditation, Yoga Well preserves and practices its ancient wisdom by immersing students in classes and workshops that span across all walks of yogic life.
      Our flexible Yoga Alliance registered teacher training courses emphasize education, providing a solid foundation from which students can choose their own paths as yogis and teachers. Students engage the fundamental aspects of holistic health as a primary source for understanding the body, mind, and spirit while exploring yoga techniques through interactive, integrated asana and discussion-based classes.
      Yoga Well is dedicated to nurturing the growth, health and harmony of individuals and the community. We have opened our doors and extended a hand, welcoming all interested to join our classes, and continue to facilitate outreach programs between our students and local organizations.

Why Yoga?
      Yoga - meaning to 'to unite or yoke' in Sanskrit - is a philosophy that nurtures and connects the body, mind, spirit and soul. This connection cultivates compassion and kindness towards ourselves and to one another. Yoga is an extremely broad term that has evolved over 6,000 years of practice. Its meaning is personal and unique to each individual, rendering a lifelong journey through physical health, well-being, mental clarity and eventually, unadulterated bliss.

      Although the western world has come to understand yoga as a form of stretching or exercise, yoga is more than a series of poses: it is a way of being.

      Yoga can be practiced by anyone. There is no need to ascertain an ideal physical or mental condition, only the will to begin and engage. Infinite forms of yoga pervade the world and every yoga class is so specific, depending on the studio, style, class, and teacher, that connecting to your practice will often take some exploring. Don't get discouraged! Rather open to your curiosity and enjoy the exploration - guaranteed you will find an amazing studio or teacher that will nourish the light within you and encourage your eternal growth.

In loving memory of our founder Kathy Lee Kappmeier
      What do you get when a girl grows up discovering yoga & motorcycles as powerful therapies?
      You get a great yoga teacher who considers the thunder of a v-twin engine one of her most healing mantras. You get a professional educator, author, and therapist who uses yoga as vehicle for herself and others to live and ride longer. You get a goddess of Biker Yoga!
      K. Lee Kappmeier founded YogaWell on the Himalayan tradition of yoga and meditation. After years of experience and education in the Holistic Health field (and on her Harley). Her expertize and leadership in the industry led her to the design of programs for hosptials, directing yoga teachers/therapists certification programs, presenting at international conventions & rallies, as well as writing and video work.
      K. Lee had many miles on her yoga mat and motorcycle. She rode ironbutts and crosscountry trips on her Indian Scout.
      Like many of her students and patients, K. Lee began to practice yoga because of great physical discomfort.
      K. Lee was born with a weak and crooked spine. Upon adolescence, her scoliosis worsened. She was a competitive athlete and didn't like the idea of braces and surgery but was willing to be disciplined physically, so she finally turned to yoga and began her life-long journey of healing and teaching. She was amazed by the benefits and became more content physically, mentally, and spiritually.

      Her yoga education was always eclectic and in-depth. She learned and practiced many styles of yoga including: Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Raja, and Shivananda.
      K. Lee’s first trip to India was in 1987. By that time she had worked as a recreation therapist and taught preschool. Upon her return to the States, she went back to college and earned a double major in Physical Therapy and Psychology.
      K. Lee culminated all her learning into her practice as a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner. Seeing clients and teaching yoga, she had the experience of working with diverse populations including those physically challenged in wheelchairs, terminally ill, accident victims, athletes, and pregnant couples.
      She completed the Childbirth Educator Program at UCSD in 1991 and attended many births. In 2001 she started the Pre/postnatal Yoga program at SHARP Mary Birch Hospital.